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Since its beginning in 1942, Bombardier has always been synonymous with best-in-class business air travel, and their Global 6000 aircraft makes it easy to see why.

Designed for the savvy business traveler, the Global 6000 aircraft promote productivity and comfort, whether you need to conduct a business meeting, enjoy some downtime, or get a good night’s sleep.

NetJets, one of the biggest names in shared jet ownership, has named the Global 6000 its flagship aircraft. This aircraft is turning heads and commanding attention for all the right reasons, and you may have a few to add to the list once you experience it for yourself.

Bombardier Global 6000: The Ultimate in Luxury and Comfort

Bombardier Global 6000- The Ultimate in Luxury and Comfort - Access Jet GroupWhen you step inside a Bombardier Global 6000, you’re about to embark on one of the smoothest, most luxurious private jet flights you’ll ever experience. Sure, any private jet can get you from Point A to Point B, but those who frequently travel for business (or pleasure) know the journey is just as important as getting there in the first place.

Bombardier designed the Global 6000 with comfort, class, and efficiency in mind, and the result is nothing short of stunning:

An ultra long-range capacity with every amenity and pleasantry of home that makes flying a breeze.

Capabilities of a Global 6000

Bombardier deliberately named their Global 6000 to showcase the aircraft’s impressive capabilities — an endurance equivalent to roughly 6,000 nautical miles in a single flight. With a top speed of about 564 miles per hour, this means that the Global 6000 can fly 12 hours non stop, making it desirable for long-range flights.

Its ceiling height of 51,000 feet allows it to fly high above commercial airliners, another testament to its powerful performance. The advanced wing design and carbon brakes contribute to its steep-approach certification, allowing it to tackle short runways and pass through difficult airports like Aspen and London City with ease.

Notable Features

Aircraft Overview- Bombardier Global 6000 - Notable Features - Access Jet GroupLet’s get down to specifics: what makes the Global 6000 so prestigious? The answer lies in its technology and performance just as much as its aesthetic appeal.

Step aboard the aircraft and you’ll instantly feel at home. The Global 6000 has been designed to allow more living and working space than its closest competitor. Every detail has been carefully chosen to help you feel at ease so you can enjoy a refreshing, productive flight that’s worth every penny.

A spacious cabin conducive to work and socializing greets you, complete with seats with high armrests and contoured backings that will help you go the distance. A comprehensive media management system provides in-flight movies, live streaming capabilities, and the ability to display documents for meetings. In addition, you can connect your own devices to take control of the cabin experience.

If you’re feeling peckish, you’ll appreciate the on-board galley with ample food storage and work surfaces. The galley is situated between the cockpit and main cabin area for added privacy and quiet. And speaking of peace and quiet, you’ll appreciate the advanced soundproofing throughout the cabin that almost makes you forget you’re flying.

Ka-band, the fastest in-flight internet available, is a mainstay on the Global 6000. Its top speed of 15 Mbps can support everything from video conferences to video gaming, leaving no gap in productivity or entertainment.

Head further back to the state-of-the-art state room, where you can unwind in luxury. Large windows, full-berthing divan, and personal lavatory provide peace and quiet when you want it most.

Outside the aircraft, advanced wing technology contributes to one of the smoothest flights you’ll ever experience — one of the many hallmarks of the Global family of aircraft.

When to Choose a Bombardier Global 6000

Like other models in the Global family, the Global 6000 is most often used by distinguished business travelers that have an eye for detail and appreciate fine luxury and comfort. Its sleek, clean in-flight experience is nothing short of refreshing, so you can feel the same way once you arrive at your destination. Leisure travelers will also enjoy the gold standard set by the Global 6000, particularly for long haul nonstop flights.

No matter where you’re traveling, Access Jet Group can help you get there in the best possible way. Contact our team today to explore your private flight options and leave no detail to chance.

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