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Financial Service Professionals: A New Way to Drive Customer Loyalty Post Covid-19

Wealth managers, financial advisors, and family offices that serve ultra-high net worth individuals thrive on deep, intimate connections with their clients. So when the majority of the world went remote during the pandemic, financial professionals weren’t eager to fall in line. Instead, they doubled down on private jet services that would allow them to continue…


Executive Assistants: Planning Your Boss’s Air Travel After COVID-19

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, executive assistants were left scrambling to make last-minute travel changes in the face of canceled flights and closed borders. There’s no doubt that the travel industry at large will look and function differently in the months following the pandemic, and perhaps even longer. With these changes will also come changes…


Meeting & Event Travel Coordinators: Group Private Air Travel Resources During COVID-19 ERA

When pandemic conditions started worsening across the country, many businesses canceled their group travel plans altogether. However, it’s clear that in order for businesses and events to carry on, traveling in groups cannot be banned forever. There’s no doubt that businesses will need to be smarter about the way they travel during and after the…

Private Jet vs First Class

Private Jet vs First Class: What are the Differences?

At first glance, first-class commercial flights offer many similar advantages to a private jet charter: they’re both more comfortable than business class and are more conducive to productivity throughout the flight.  The reality is that first-class seats and private jet charters serve different purposes. Sometimes, it makes sense to fly first-class, while other occasions call…