Private Jet Charter COVID

Private Jet Charters During COVID-19: What to Expect from Access Jet Group

We’re living in truly unprecedented times. COVID-19 has severely impacted traditional forms of air travel, both in terms of availability and public health and safety. Now more than ever, travelers are turning to private jet charter services like Access Jet Group to avoid the potential health risks of larger airports and crowded commercial flights.  We…


Private Jet Travel Offers Greater Reliability and Safety During COVID-19 Pandemic

There’s no doubt that the global coronavirus pandemic has had a substantial impact on the travel industry. As states and countries closed for travel, major airlines grounded flights and left travelers with significantly fewer options. Many airline companies have furloughed workers in droves due to a decrease in demand for commercial flights. But for those…


Underrated Caribbean Destinations for Private Jet Charter

Chartering a private flight between Caribbean islands is arguably the best way to explore. You get spectacular views combined with exclusive access to some of the Caribbean’s more inaccessible islands. The geography of the Caribbean makes private charter a particularly convenient and direct alternative to scheduled flights for business and leisure travelers alike. Benefits of…