Access Jet Group is always committed to the safety of our clients. As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, we are taking these extra steps to keep you safe:

  1. All crew is checked for signs of the virus twice a day and, if there is any doubt as to their health, operations will take them out of service until cleared by a certified professional.
  2. Digital thermometers are stocked onboard every aircraft to allow crew to register their temperature and immediately report to operations if it is above 37.5 degrees Celcius.
  3. Handshake greetings have been halted, and crew will wear protective masks and gloves as required and permitted.
  4. Standard cleaning procedures have been amplified, with all aircraft being cleaned with the long-term surface disinfectant Bacoban after each flight. This product uses a semi-permanent nano layer of silica to release anti-pathogen agents that act against infection over an extended period. Not only is Bacoban effective against bacteria but is also active against a wide range of pathogens, including viruses, bacteria and fungi.
  5. A full sanitization cycle by an approved agency has also been implemented across all aircraft with further cleaning and treatment carried out as requested by crew should we report a suspected exposure on board.
  6. Crew members will ensure that the stock of masks, gloves, sanitizers and cleaning supplies are maintained onboard every aircraft.
  7. Should a passenger start displaying symptoms inflight, your crew will contact MedAire immediately for further guidance. As a precautionary measure, should it be determined that a COVID-19 carrier traveled on any aircraft, that tail will be temporarily taken out of service, cleaned and evaluated.
  8. Our private dining specialists have stringent safety protocols in place with our preferred catering and restaurant partners. This includes personal hygiene, control processes from storage and preparation to plating and delivery, and all necessary documentation.

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Further Guidance Resources

There are many resources available to help consumers develop their plan for flying during the COVID-19 outbreak. Access Jet Group has compiled the best information below:

ICAO Global COVID-19 Airport Status
This app displays COVID-related information as available through the NOTAM service.

U.S. Government COVID-19 Homepage
Official guidance from the White House, CDC, and FEMA.

Reporting COVID-19 Cases to the CDC
CDC has developed a form that provides a standardized approach to reporting COVID-19 cases.

FAA General Guidance
Information related to aviation activities during the outbreak.

FAA COVID-19 Update Newsletter
Up-to-date information on changes that may affect your operation.

FAA Facilities Affected by COVID-19
An interactive map displaying the latest information on airport impacts.

EASA COVID-19 Guidance
The latest information related to the coronavirus from the European Union Aviation Safety Agency.

European Cockpit Association COVID-19 Safety Pamphlet
An illustrated guide to COVID-19 best practices.