Access Jet Group is not confined to a single service area; we can take you wherever you want to go, whether it’s a short hop or a transcontinental flight to the other side of the world. We are committed to providing you world-class private jet charter flights that are customized to your needs. That’s how we have always operated, and our clientele appreciate our ability to tailor our services based on the unique specifications of each flyer. Corporate trips or individual, large parties or small, one-way or round-trip, we will take you where you need to go—safely and in world-class luxury. Learn about where we can take you:


Long- and Short-Range Aircraft

Our access to global air charter fleets can accommodate almost any destination and party size. For a long-distance flight across oceans with up to 19 passengers, the best option may be a VIP airliner or heavy jet, which feature ample space to accommodate passengers and luggage alike. For smaller parties or short-distance flights, a light jet, turbo prop, or helicopter might suffice—it all depends on your preferences. Learn more about our diverse fleet of aircraft here.

Your Safety Comes First

Traveling in luxury and comfort does not mean you have to sacrifice safety. Our top priority is ensuring your safe arrival at your preferred destinations. Every aspect of your private jet charter flight will be closely reviewed to ensure your safety, including the experience of the crew, the history of the aircraft, and the entire itinerary of your time with us. You can’t experience true luxury while you are worried about your well-being, so we take every precaution to give you peace of mind while traveling with us.

Enquire now to begin planning your private jet charter flight to any destination around the world. Once we have learned about your travel dates, destination, number of passengers in your party, and any other important details you would like us to know about, we will develop a plan to get your there safely, comfortably, and in world-class luxury.