Private Jet to Aruba

There’s never a bad way to travel to Aruba. But if you want to get there in the ultimate comfort and luxury, then a private jet to Aruba is calling your name. Our private jet service gives you a stress-free alternative to traditional air travel while elevating every aspect of your experience, and you’ll appreciate the difference.

Why Take a Private Jet to Aruba?

There are many reasons why people choose to take a private jet to Aruba over other travel arrangements. For starters, your entire flight is tailored to you and your travel goals, from the time and location from which you wish you depart to the size and type of aircraft, and even the onboard experience.

In essence, it’s like having your very own plane with a custom-made itinerary. You can say goodbye to the common pitfalls of air travel like missed connections, late flights, loud seat neighbors, and no legroom, all while enjoying your experience.

What to Do in Aruba

The sun and surf are reason enough to visit Aruba. But if you’re looking to get the most from your trip, you’ll want to add these highlights to your must-do list:

Explore Arikok National Park

Aruba’s only national park covers about 25% of the island. Here you’ll find ancient caves, rock formations, wildlife sanctuaries, and natural pools.

Shop in Oranjestad

Oranjestad is the shopping capital of Aruba, offering everything from high-end boutiques to quaint souvenir shops. You can explore the Renaissance Mall and Royal Plaza Mall for the biggest selection in shopping and dining.

Take a Snorkeling and Sunset Tour

Aruba offers a myriad of tours and excursions, both on land and in the water. Take advantage of the crystal-clear sea and go snorkeling to see Aruba’s marine life up close.

Places Near Aruba

Aruba’s nearest neighbor is Venezuela, which is a far cry from the island vibe of Aruba. If you want to continue your beach vacation elsewhere, consider these nearby islands:


The closest island to Aruba, Curacao is known for having the only world heritage site in the Caribbean. The island’s capital, Willemstad, is dotted with museums, boutique hotels, and a walking-friendly district for shopping and dining.


Farther east of Curacao, Grenada is known for best in class beaches and clear waters. There’s also a fair amount of restaurants and bars sprinkled throughout.

St. Lucia

Known as a honeymooners paradise, St. Lucia offers tropical temperatures year-round. It’s home of the world’s only drive-through volcano.

Cost of a Private Jet to Aruba

The cost of a private jet to Aruba isn’t one size fits all. Things like departure location, time of year, and type of aircraft will affect the price you pay. If you’re interested in traveling to Aruba in style, contact Access Jet Group to make an inquiry.

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