Private Jet to Cabo San Lucas

If a vacation to Cabo San Lucas is calling your name, you can rely on Access Jet Group to get you there in the best possible way. Private jet travel isn’t just part of the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Many people opt for a private flight because of the time-saving advantages and comfort-boosting amenities, especially when they’re traveling for pleasure.

If a trip to Cabo San Lucas is in your future, a private jet charter can help you arrive in style.

Why a Private Jet Charter to Cabo San Lucas?

Ask five people why they like traveling by private jet, and you’ll likely get five different responses. There are lots of reasons why people prefer to book a private jet charter to Cabo San Lucas versus flying commercial, including the following:

  • No wait times at the airport
  • More privacy on board the aircraft
  • More space and comfort during your flight
  • No risk of missing your flight or having your flight delayed
  • Security lines are shorter (or nonexistent!)
  • No baggage fees

What to Do in Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is one of the country’s biggest up-and-coming tourist destinations, which means there are plenty of things here to fill your time. Add these must-do activities to your itinerary:

See the Arch of Cabo San Lucas

This natural rock arch is one of the most iconic sites in the country. You can even book a day tour that will take you to the arch for postcard-worthy photos.

Enjoy a Day on Lover’s Beach

Playa del Amor is a favorite spot for sunbathing and snorkeling. Many people come here for snorkeling when they don’t want to invest in a day excursion.

Sightsee by Zipline

Ziplining is one of many outdoor adventures you’ll find in Cabo. There’s nothing like sailing along at top speed and seeing the area’s beautiful natural scenery from above.

Places Near Cabo San Lucas

San Jose del Cabo

Cabo San Lucas’s sister city, San Jose del Cabo is a true golfer’s paradise. This resort city is a mecca for artists, nature, and nightlife.

La Paz

Just a short drive or flight north of Cabo San Lucas, La Paz is a small beach town with clean white sand and crystal clear water. Many tourists come here for viewing marine life, snorkeling, and exploring the art scene.


The northernmost city of the Baja California peninsula, Tijuana is a treasure trove of Mexican culture. Known for its cuisine and touristy souvenir shops, they’ve also got quality beaches and interesting landmarks throughout the town.

Costs of a Private Jet to Cabo San Lucas

As with any type of travel, the cost of a private jet charter to Cabo San Lucas will depend on a number of factors. Things like the time of year, type of aircraft, and distance will affect the pricing. If you’re interested in booking a private charter to Cabo San Lucas, contact us today for pricing information.

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