Private Jet to Las Vegas

Whether you’re taking in a high-energy show or want to see if Lady Luck is on your side, taking a private jet to Vegas is the best way to start your trip. Nevada’s most famous city, Las Vegas is known for its fast-paced casinos, endless food buffets, and some of the most exquisite resorts in the country.

Hands down, this city is all about luxury. And if you want to experience it all in style, then a private jet to Vegas might be your best option.

Why Charter a Private Jet to Vegas?

Let’s face it: flying commercial isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. In fact, it can be downright stressful! Chartering a private jet to Vegas lets you travel on your terms, your schedule, and your comfort zone. Instead of paying for a single seat, you get an entire plane to yourself (and your travel party), where you can take care of business or simply enjoy a peaceful ride to your destination.

You have total control over your trip and don’t have to worry about things like travel delays, missed connections, or crowded airports that can make your trip more stressful.

What to Do in Las Vegas

What to Do in Las Vegas

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As the old saying goes: What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Once you land in Sin City, you’ll want to start taking immediate advantage of all its most famous sites and activities, including the following:

Tour the Las Vegas Strip

The most famous spot of the city, the Strip is home to the area’s high-end casinos and landmarks. Spanning more than four miles, this is the spot for nightlife, entertainment, and stunning architecture.

Enjoy Great Views at the Stratosphere

This high-rise tower offers 360-degree views of the city. More than just a landmark, it’s also a hotel and casino that offers everything synonymous with Las Vegas.

Watch the Fountain Light Show at the Bellagio

The famous lights at the Bellagio fountain are something to write home about. Coordinated with music, the water seemingly dances to the beat and is a treat for the eyes day and night.

Places Near Las Vegas

Once you’ve had your fill of Sin City, you’ll want to check out nearby destinations that are just a short charter plane ride away. Make sure you add the following cities to your itinerary:

Reno, NV

North of Las Vegas and just minutes from Lake Tahoe, Reno is perfect for adventure seekers. Touted as the Biggest Little City in the World, you can expect high-class resorts, historic sites, casinos, and lots to see and do for outdoor thrillists.

Anaheim, CA

If you’re traveling with kids, why not squeeze in a quick trip to Disneyland? Anaheim is home to the country’s original Disney theme park, complete with rides, characters, games, and one of the biggest varieties of cuisine in the state.

Lake Tahoe, CA

Less than two hours away, Lake Tahoe offers unspoiled nature and plenty of water activities. Truly an outdoorsman’s paradise, the area offers a remote vibe that’s a far cry from the bustling streets of Las Vegas.

Costs of a Private Jet to Las Vegas

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Like any type of air travel, chartering a private jet to  Las Vegas will depend on several factors, including time of year, type of aircraft, and the airport and city you’re flying out of. The best practice is to contact Access Jet Group directly for pricing and availability.

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