Private Jet to New York City

You could probably think of a million reasons to visit New York City, the most iconic city in America. But traveling to New York City via private jet will easily become your favorite. Imagine arriving in style in the city that never sleeps, with no busy airport holding you back from hitting the ground running.

Why New York City Private Jet Charter?

Whether you’re traveling to New York City for business or pleasure, there’s never a bad reason to fly on a private jet. Companies, families, and single travelers alike enjoy the ample leg and elbow room in a private plane cabin, along with a higher level of personalization that comes with every flight. You set the itinerary and leave the rest to your dedicated crew.

Given how stressful a trip to the Big Apple can be, especially for first time visitors, flying private removes some of the frustrations by streamlining your airport experience and even arranging for ground transportation on your behalf. This way, you can exit the aircraft and go straight to your next adventure with nothing in between to slow you down.

What to Do in New York City

You spend an entire month in NYC and not experience every attraction, sight, or activity. Start with these three to get a piece of the real New York City:

Take a Ferry to the Statue of Liberty

Get a dose of freedom by visiting Lady Liberty herself. This colossal statue represents everything our great nation stands for.

Roam Central Park

The city’s most expansive green space is brimming with unique treasures. Spanning more than 770 acres, you’ll find a castle, lakes, trails, and even some wildlife within its perimeter.

Indulge in a Broadway Show

Some of the biggest names in show business appear on Broadway. This street has become synonymous with live theatrical entertainment.

Places Near New York City

Once you’ve had your fill of big city life, head to some of these close-by locales that take life at a slower pace:

Martha’s Vineyard

This cozy Atlantic island is a year-round destination, offering fresh seafood and a laid-back lifestyle. It’s the perfect escape for anyone who loves the beach, and has been known as a place of respite for celebrities.

Montauk, NY

Hidden at the eastern tip of Long Island, you can fly directly into Montauk via private jet. This charming beach town boasts more saltwater fishing records than any other location in the United States.

Nantucket, CT

A multitude of clean beaches and plenty of fishing make this island worth visiting. Small boutique shops, art galleries, and seafood restaurants line its streets.

Cost of a Private Jet to New York City

Heading to New York City via private jet? The final cost will depend on several factors, including the type of jet, time of year, departure location, and other variables. Get a fast quote on private jet travel when you contact Access Jet Group to make an inquiry.

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