Private Jet to The Bahamas

Got your sights set on a Bahamas vacation? There’s no better way to travel to the islands than a private jet charter. A trip to the Bahamas is the ultimate in luxury and relaxation, and it starts as soon as you board the plane. Let Access Jet Group help you plan your escape.

Why Charter a Private Jet to The Bahamas

People choose private jet charter for different reasons. Some enjoy a higher level of comfort and privacy. Others prefer the flexibility in scheduling. The flight leaves when you want it to and there’s never any worry of missing your flight or experiencing delays.

No matter your motivations, you’ll appreciate the personalized concierge service provided by Access Jet Group. We not only arrange your private flight travel, but will also help with other aspects of your trip, including hotel accommodations, ground transportation, and even specific requests for your in-flight experience.

What to Do in The Bahamas

There’s more to the Bahamas than beaches, though that’s reason enough to stay here for a week or more. Take advantage of these unique activities to make your trip even more memorable:

Swim with Pigs

The famous Pig Beach is brimming with people-friendly pigs that are eager to swim alongside you. You can book a charter to the beach, which is only inhabited by these smiling pigs, and enjoy a day of snorkeling and sunbathing with your swine friends.

Shop at Nassau Straw Market

If you’re looking to take a piece of the Bahamas home with you, you’ll want to do your souvenir shopping here. The market is chock full of authentic Made-in-Bahamas items that will make perfect gifts for friends and family back home.

Book a Stay at Atlantis Resort

The most iconic resort in the country, the Atlantis is known for its unique pyramid water slide, private beaches, and family-friendly activities. It’s also home to Aquaventure, a 62-hectare waterscape filled with saltwater lagoons, marine life, and other features.

Places Near The Bahamas

Once you’ve enjoyed all the Bahamas has to offer, consider extending your trip to a nearby city or country that’s a short private plane ride away.

Miami, FL

A city that never sleeps, Miami is all things art, food, and nightlife. You’ll appreciate the vibrant culture and multitude of art deco hotels that dot the area.

Turks and Caicos

This tiny collection of islands is fan favorite Caribbean destination. Located southeast of the Bahamas, you can expect some of the best beaches and crystal clear water for scuba diving and snorkeling.


On the map, it looks like you could almost throw a stone from the Bahamas and hit Cuba with room to spare. Americans can freely travel to Cuba with a little prior planning – check out our recent guide on visiting Cuba.

Costs of a Private Jet to The Bahamas

As with any type of air travel, a private jet to the Bahamas can vary in costs. Factors like time of year, distance traveled, and the type of aircraft you reserve can all affect pricing. If you’re interested in traveling to the Bahamas via private jet, contact Access Jet Group today for pricing and availability.

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