Private Jet to Vero Beach

From amazing art sculptures and natural scenery to weather you’ll want to write home about, Vero Beach is an often overlooked escape in Florida. Hidden on the Atlantic side of the state between Daytona and Miami, Vero Beach offers small town vibes with the beautiful beaches you expect from the Florida seashore. Its closest major airport is more than 40 minutes away, so your best bet is to book a private jet to Vero Beach so you can land closer to the beach and start soaking up the sun the moment you land.

Why Vero Beach Private Jet?

People choose private jet travel over other types of travel for a variety of reasons. Some prefer the added privacy of having a whole plane to themselves versus sharing a tiny row of seats with strangers. Others enjoy the convenience and speed that comes with a tailored flight experience. There’s no risk of missing a flight and no having to wait in long lines to go through security or board the plane.

For passengers traveling to Vero Beach, you’ll appreciate being able to land at a local airport, a place that’s too small to cater to large commercial jets. You won’t have to travel as far to reach your ultimate destination and can start enjoying more of your business or leisure time.

Things to Do in Vero Beach

Vero Beach’s main draw is the beach itself. It’s quiet, clean, and secluded, which is why it’s a favorite among A-listers seeking a break. In addition, you may also want to add the following activities to your to-do list:

Vero Beach Museum of Art

The sculpture garden is a must-see. The museum is also home to local, state, and regional artworks.

McKee Botanical Gardens

This tranquil escape is perfect for strolling and exploring. It highlights unique Florida vegetation and makes for great family photos.

Destinations Near Vero Beach

Want to lengthen your trip? These destinations are just a short private jet flight away:

Ft Myers

The gateway to Southwest Florida, Ft. Myers is a bounty of natural locales and historic homes. Visit Manatee Park to go kayaking with manatees and other sea life.


For the hottest nightlife in the state, turn up the heat in Miami. The city is a mecca for art lovers and anyone who enjoys authentic Latino cuisine.


If you’re traveling with the family, head to Orlando to explore Florida’s theme park capital. The city is also known for its exquisite dining scene.

Cost of Private Jet to Vero Beach, FL

Private jet travel to Vero Beach or any other destination can vary in price. Things like your departure date and location, distance traveled, and type of aircraft can all influence the price. If you’re wanting to keep costs low, it’s a good idea to avoid traveling during peak times, such as major holidays or events.

Your Access Jet Group team can further advise on choosing travel dates if cost is an important factor. The best practice to reach out directly for a custom quote and let us help you plan your trip to Vero Beach, FL!

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