Access Jet Group ensures a custom private air option for each and every trip. We have the right solution to fit your unique global private air charter travel needs, and our access to global owner fleets includes a variety of private jet models and other aircraft.

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    Helicopters are designed to accommodate up to eight passengers and are ideal for short transport flights and avoiding automobile travel and traffic.

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    Turbo props are designed to accommodate six to nine passengers. They are ideal for quick trips between states or island hopping. Turbo props can take off and land on shorter runways.

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    Light jets are designed to comfortably accommodate four to six passengers with modest baggage space. They are ideal for shorter trips where your destination is up to three hours flight time or 1,400 miles away, in optimal conditions. Light jets do not have a galley, cabin host, or fully enclosed lavatory.

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    Midsize jets are designed to comfortably accommodate five to eight passengers with adequate baggage space. They feature a more comfortable interior arrangement and a taller cabin than a light jet. Midsize jets feature an enclosed lavatory and a partial galley. A cabin hosts is not included. They are perfect for trips up to 5 hours flight time or 2,200 miles, in optimal conditions.

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    Super Midsize Jets are designed to comfortably accommodate eight to nine passengers with generous baggage space. They feature an enclosed lavatory and typically have a full galley.  Select models will include a cabin host. They are ideal for longer trips including coast-to-coast flights. Their maximum travel range is up to eight hours, dependent on conditions.

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    Large and heavy jets are designed to comfortably accommodate eight to sixteen passengers with substantial baggage space. They feature an enclosed lavatory, fully-equipped galley, and sleeping accommodations. All flights have a cabin host on board. Large and heavy jets can travel up to 12 hours or 6,000 miles for the largest jets. They are ideal for international, nonstop transoceanic travel.

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    VIP airliners are designed to comfortably accommodate up to nineteen passengers with substantial baggage space. VIP airliners feature spacious, generously appointed cabins with two cabin hosts. In this class there are no limits to ones wishes: bedrooms with in-suite bathrooms, state of the art entertainment electronics, conference rooms, gourmet kitchens, specially trained personnel, and the list goes on!

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    Varied cabin configurations offer standard commercial seating from 30 to 300+ passengers, along with plush business class seating for 50 or more passengers on regional charter airliners. Whether it’s a corporate group or a sports team, a large seating capacity airliner is the best option for flying a large group of people on the same aircraft in complete privacy. Corporate events, University travel, Family reunions and Weddings are a perfect way to utilize a large capacity airliner charter.

Enquire today to learn more about our impressive selection of private jet models, helicopters, and turbo props. Once we have a better understanding of your unique needs, we will tailor a travel solution based on your requirements.